Marketing Designer

Company Details

The new way businesses buy from businesses.


Drift is the new way businesses buy from businesses, and we’re looking for a talented designer to join our marketing team in Boston and help us level-up our brand.

The talented part is a given (of course you’d have a killer portfolio of work you can show us).

But what we’re really looking for is an up and coming designer who loves to create something from nothing.

Someone that is hungry to learn, ridiculously creative, and looking for an opportunity to put their name on the Drift brand and take a big step in their career.

Drift is a tech company, but our brand is everything but “a tech company”, so you’ll need to be ready to push the bar on design.

Our brand is real. It’s personal. It’s authentic. It’s human. So we don’t use cartoons in our designs, we use real people. And our role models aren’t usually other B2B companies — they’re companies like Apple, Nike, and Patagonia.

About The Role

  • You’ll report directly to the VP of Marketing (hey) and be responsible for design across everything we do as a marketing team.
  • You’ll own web design for and all of our other web properties and landing pages.
  • You’ll support our content team by creating blog images, infographics, interactive content, and whatever else you dream up.
  • You’ll support our funnel team by creating everything from landing pages to ads and experiences across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and even direct mail.
  • You’ll support our events team by creating banners, signs, and everything needed to create an amazing in-person experience at a Drift event (from dinners to meet-ups to HYPERGROWTH).
  • You’ll help create Keynote & Google Slides templates for internal and external presentations.
  • You’ll design new swag, from Drift hoodies to stickers to baby onesies.

About You

As you can tell, we’re looking for a swiss-army knife. You’ll be responsible for designing everything we do in marketing at Drift.

You’ll need to be a fast learner that’s naturally curious and hungry to learn. Design at Drift isn’t just a set of fonts, a color palette, or a layout — it’s everything. You’ll need to be comfortable across all areas of design.

You’ll need to be self-sufficient. We’ll be here to point you in the right direction, but you’ll need to take something from a quick sketch on a napkin or a whiteboard to a finished product that’s high quality and ready to be seen by thousands of people around the world.

You’ll need to have a high bar. Think about the brands we mentioned earlier: Apple, Nike, Patagonia. Those brands don’t settle, and neither do we. This means you have to be ready to push for great — not pretty good.

But you’ll need to be fast. Great can’t mean slow. All of those things we mentioned above might happen in one single week at Drift. We’re building Drift to be a once in a career opportunity, so we don’t move at the pace of most other companies. As a designer, that can be scary — or it can be exactly what you’re looking for in your next role. The pace at Drift will be unlike any other place you have worked.

You’ll need to show your work. We have a culture of “show your work” on the marketing team at Drift.  That means you’re constantly sharing drafts and initial versions for feedback — vs. hiding for a week and coming back with a finished product (we believe it’s too hard to handle feedback after you’ve spent weeks and hours on something, so we bring feedback into the design process early and often).

You’ll need some design experience (2-4 years in a design focused role is ideal), but we’re open to all ranges of experience. We’re looking for talent, so we won’t say no if this is your first job out of college (or if you have way more experience that we wrote here).

Still with us? Interested? We are moving fast and hiring for this role now.

If you’re interested and would be ready to make the jump to Drift ASAP, send a quick email with a link to your work to with the subject line: Marketing Designer.

Note to All Applicants:

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Remember to send a copy of your application to our email at so that we can help you in any case necessary. Please specify in your email the Job Title and Job Link on our site.