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Health/Wellness Writer



Elite Daily is seeking creative remote, part-time writers to contribute thoughtful content on health/wellness topics to the site’s Life vertical.

Writers should be passionate and ready to produce content about issues related to health/wellness, which can include anything from mental health, science says stories, eating/sleeping habits, menstrual cycles, even what healthy poop should look like. (No topic is off limits!) Someone who is interested in and passionate about supporting women will be at the top of our consideration list. We’re looking for writers who promote a healthy lifestyle, not an unattainable one.

Applicants should bring a unique perspective and a definitive voice to their work, which will include both curated and original content. We should definitely be able to hear your voice shine through in your cover letter (applications without a cover letter will not be considered!).

Ideal candidates should hold a degree in journalism/communications or similar. We’re looking for people with at least two years of writing experience (internships/personal blogs count) who are willing to commit to at least three days per week during either a 9-4 or 11-6 shift. Writers will work remotely.


  • A passion for/an ability to consistently pitch, brainstorm and write about topics/angles related to health/wellness
  • A strong voice, innovative ideas (we don’t want to see a simple and overdone x signs to relieve stress list!)
  • Strong sense of sensitivity when it comes to any content in danger of body shaming, negative views of body perception
  • A strong and proven ability to work with experts (psychologists, nutritionists, dietitians, OBGYNs, etc.) to gather original quotes on tight deadlines.
  • A network of expert contacts in the health/wellness sphere is a plus.
  • 2+ years writing experience
  • Availability to work remotely at least three days a week
  • Degree in English, journalism, communications, nutrition, or related

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