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Captivating content, expansive brand lift

Freelance Content Writer/Strategist


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Who We’re Looking For

Brainjolt is on the hunt for content writer/strategists who will make it their mission to keep us at the forefront of the viral web with hilarious galleries, engaging quizzes, and more.


We’re looking for innovative writer/strategists who already gravitate toward whats trending online and who have a proven awareness of what people like to read and share. They’re incredibly driven to get content out first; they work quickly and accurately, requiring minimal editorial oversight; they love to experiment until they find what works; and they’re naturally inclined to go to the data to see whether their content is effective.

This position is freelance and will be remote. We are a thriving, growing company seeking like-minded entrepreneurs to help us keep the world in good spirits through fun, inspiring, and heartfelt content.


  • Create all content with an eye for evoking emotions and most importantly, motivating shares.
  • Continually test inventive ways to improve content topics, headlines, formatting, genres, word-count, images, videos, etc.
  • Be available evenings and weekends. This is not a 9-5 job. This is a whenever-a-story-needs-to-get-posted job.
  • Happily work across a number of genres articles, galleries, quizzes, etc.


  • You are familiar with the tools of this trade at bare minimum WordPress, HTML, Facebook, YouTube, and a photo editor of some variety.
  • If you have the ability to create your own featured images (this doesn’t necessarily have to be in Photoshop) its a major plus.
  • You have experience. You’ve done this before, and you’ve done it well.
  • You know the internet never sleeps, so you’re willing to work odd hours as needed to make sure we don’t fall behind.
  • You have a clear, casual, punchy writing style.
  • You have a keen eye for content. Its all about how the story is pitched. And you know how to pitch it.
  • You are extremely familiar with the viral web.
  • You write irresistible titles and compelling stories. You never stop asking Is this clickable? and Is this shareable? When the answer is No, you know how to fix it or nix it.
  • You work fast and you’re clever as hell.
  • You’re witty.
  • No drama.

In order to apply to this position, please complete our Edit Test, directions below, and upload it, along with your application submission.

Brainjolt Edit Test:

Please keep these guidelines in mind while completing this assignment:

Brainjolt and Brainjolts brands are…smart, energetic, friendly, and in-the-know. Wed like to get to a place where every piece of Brainjolt content from the shortest Tweet to the longest gallery can be described by those four adjectives. And if it can’t, now we have a guide to help us get that content up to snuff. So let’s look quickly at what we mean by each of our new favorite descriptors


  • While we will often address issues in a lighthearted way, its clear by how we write that we’re not just silly or sassy or sappy, were smart, too. And we assume the same of our readers.
  • We come at topics in a clever way; we use interesting words; we sometimes make arcane references to history or literature because that’s just fun; and we occasionally break up lists in our copy with semicolons if each of the items in the list is a complete sentence or includes a comma.


  • Our prose are full of life twists, turns, and detours. Delights and surprises. Our language is fun, creative, and clever. We’re silly sometimes; were serious when that’s more appropriate. But wherever we are on the emotional gamut, we’re there with gusto.


  • We are our readers pal. If we were their coworker, they’d want to take their lunch break at the same time as us. They come to us for an entertaining chat about…whatever. And we’re there for them.
  • Our tone is approachable and conversational. We are opinionated but in a light, easygoing way. Were not judgmental and were not activists. Were empathetic. We don’t necessarily always focus on the positive, but we are positive.


  • We are aware. We’re up to date. People come to us to get the scoop. We’re trustworthy. We have compelling thoughts about all the things.

Brainjolt Edit Test

  • Please pitch 5 stories that you think would be a good fit for 22 Words. (Headline + 1-2 sentence summary) Please visit for ideas.
  • Please choose your favorite of the 5 stories pitched above and write the story, keeping the length between 500-800 words.
  • Please find 3 headlines on websites (other than Brainjolt brands) that you think are well-written and compelling.
  • Please find 3 headlines on websites (other than Brainjolt brands) that you think could use some help, then rewrite.



  • Writers are paid $15.00 per page. You will only be paid for gallery articles that get published on the website. Payment is processed monthly.

Timing / Turnaround:

  • When we send writing assignments we expect a turn-around time of 24 hours, unless discussed and agreed upon beforehand. Please note that you are expected to complete assignments on the topics assigned to you while we do our best to match writers with the best content for them, we are unable to accommodate requests for different topics. We are happy to accept your suggestions on what you absolutely love to write about, but we cant make guarantees on subject assignments. We can promise it will be fun though!

To apply for this job please visit

Note to All Applicants:

Please include this sentence “I’m a potential candidate applying from” in your application to your desired job.

Remember to send a copy of your application to our email at so that we can help you in any case necessary. Please specify in your email the Job Title and Job Link on our site.